- Work Experience

These are the companies that I have worked for. I am also adding a couple of bullet points to share what I did for each company and the impact I made.


Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies

Seattle, WA


Senior DevOps Engineer

• Taking complete ownership and management responsibility for all GitHub Actions pipelines supporting embedded teams throughout the organization.

• Leading the design, architecture, and implementation of CI/CD pipelines using Github Actions to establish standardized DevOps practices across teams.

• Advocating for a cloud-first strategy to drive eciency and scalability while prioritizing security and compliance.

• Implementing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) methodologies to ensure enhanced system reliability and scalability, leveraging technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Azure, Azure DevOps, and Linux.

• Facilitating cross-team collaboration to develop and deploy innovative automation solutions, enhancing productivity and reducing manual processes.


Redmond, WA


Security Solutions Engineer

• Designed and implemented Azure infrastructure solutions to optimize team productivity and performance for the Data Centers Physical Security Cloud Infrastructure team.

• Contributed with the adoption of Docker and Kubernetes for containerizing applications, streamlining deployment processes across pre-production and production environments.

• Automated critical event monitoring by integrating the ticketing system with third-party software, leveraging REST APIs for seamless communication between applications.

• Assisted team with implementation of Infrastructure as Code for stable and easily maintainable environment for the team.

General Electric

Denver, CO


Software Engineer

• Collaborated with the Mobile Enterprise Suite service team to deploy cutting-edge mobile and web applications for customers globally, utilizing technologies such as React, Android Development, iOS Development, Couchbase, AWS, Oracle, and PostgreSQL databases.

• Played a key role in the transition of mobile and web applications to a micro-service containerized architecture using Docker, Helm, Kubernetes, and AWS, significantly improving deployment efficiency and maintenance processes.

• Employed Agile methodologies to ensure timely delivery of high-quality software, consistently meeting sprint objectives.

Raytheon Technologies

Denver, CO


Software Engineer

• Developed and maintained full-stack applications, utilizing Spring as the back-end framework and integrating reactJS to enhance user experience.

• Conducted in-depth research on innovative tools and technologies, contributing to the adoption of new software solutions and improving development processes.

• Facilitated seamless deployment of containerized applications to different environments using Docker, Kubernetes, and Rancher, ensuring reliability and scalability.

• Played a pivotal role in an agile, microservices-focused team, contributing to successful sprint executions.

Open Technologies Solutions

Denver, CO


DevOps Engineer

• Automated critical DevOps operations using PowerShell and shell scripting, streamlining deployment processes and reducing manual intervention.

• Managed and optimized continuous integration and delivery environments using Octopus Deploy, resulting in efficient and error-free application deployments.

• Proactively monitored the Team Foundation Server, promptly resolving issues to maintain the smooth functioning of scheduled application deliveries.

Sharyland Utilities

Denver, CO


Systems/Network Analyst

• Administered and optimized LAN/WAN network infrastructure, utilizing WhatsUp Gold Network Monitoring system to proactively monitor network performance.

• Designed and implemented new network routes, significantly improving communication speed and ensuring robust backup solutions for device malfunctions.

• Collaborated with cross-functional teams to configure equipment and implement network enhancements, enhancing overall network reliability and efficiency.

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