Gus Vega.

Senior DevOps/Software Engineer specializing in containerized applications.

Architecture, UI/UX, and deployment: I enjoy every piece of web app development.

JavaScript ecosystem tools power all my web app projects - React - Node - NextJS

Azure and GitHub Actions drive my automation and cloud deployments

Technologies I like to work with the most

  • Python


  • Javascript


  • React


  • Docker


  • Azure


  • Node


  • Kubernetes


  • Terraform


A bit about me

Born and raised in Mexico. I am 33 years old. Called the US my home in 2005. Went to high school, college, and got my Bachelors in Computer Information Systems in 2016. I have lived in Austin TX, Denver CO, and now Seattle WA. Happily Married. I have two dogs. Love playing indoor soccer. I have worked as Frontend, Backend, DevOps, and Solutions Engineer. I always find myself learning something new. Aside from my career, I invest in real estate with a focus on short term rentals.

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I believe everyone should have four hobbies. One that brings you happiness. One that keeps you creative. One that makes you money. And one that keeps you healthy

Focus areas

In the world of software development, each developer and company has their own tech stack preferences. It's like picking a favorite flavor of ice cream - there's something for everyone!

For me, after exploring the options, I settled on the tech stack that fits me the most. It just clicks with me, like finding the perfect coffee in the morning. With my preferred stack, I'm confident I can whip up some cool projects and provide top-notch services for clients and/or provide value to any company. So while others have their tech stack flavors, I'm sticking to mine, ready to code up a storm and bring some tech magic to the table!

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  • Front End. I'm all about React, Tailwind, and Next.js for frontend development. They're the dream team for creating interactive and high-performance web applications!
  • Back End. Node.js and Express are my backend development superheroes! They empower me to build powerful, scalable, and efficient server-side applications effortlessly.
  • Cloud. I like all clouds but Azure rocks! It's my go-to platform for seamless deployment and effortless scalability.
  • Automation. I love automation! Terraform, Ansible, Github Actions, Docker, and Kubernetes are my go-to tools for automating deployments.

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